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high-performance SQL engines
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what we do

We create query optimizers powered by Apache Calcite framework and sql engines for large-scale AND distributed data processing


Operator selection, join order planning, metadata management

distributed planning

Data co-location strategies, exchange planning, operator placement

Apache Calcite Integration

Custom operators, rules, and cost functions, trait management


Operators, resource management, compiled and vectorized execution


Vertical and horizontal parallelism, concurrent algorithms


Data exchange, fault-tolerance, protocol correctness verification



Query processing is an active area of research, with new ideas appearing every month. We prepare surveys on specific topics to help you make better design decisions.


Designing a query engine is a challenging task with many trade-offs. We create prototypes and do design reviews to ensure that you considered all pros and cons as early as possible.


In-house expertise is essential for long-term product success. We conduct training to help your team accumulate solid knowledge of query processing and optimization techniques.

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