Meet the TEAM

Our engineers worked on more than ten different databases, including ClickHouse, Apache Ignite, and Hazelcast.
Vladimir Ozerov
Vladimir founded Querify Labs with a vision to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research in data management and practical systems. Before that, Vladimir worked at Hazelcast, where he led the development of a distributed SQL engine for in-memory data. Vladimir loves to hack open-source products and talk about them at IT conferences. Vladimir is a contributor to the Apache Calcite project.
Alexey Goncharuk
Alexey brings 10 years of experience building complex distributed systems and data storages. Before Querify Labs, Alexey worked at GridGain, where he was responsible for the overall product architecture, playing a pivotal role in developing persistence, replication, and transaction protocol for the Apache Ignite project. Alexey's area of interest includes query optimizers, concurrent algorithms, and formal methods. Alexey is a committer to the Apache Ignite project.
Roman Kondakov
Distinguished Software Engineer
Roman is responsible for the architecture of query optimizers at Querify Labs. Before joining the company, Roman worked at Yandex, the largest internet company in Eastern Europe, where he built the query optimization engine for massively parallel data processing. Roman is passionate about query optimization, looking for practical solutions to NP-hard problems. Roman is a contributor to the Apache Calcite and Apache Ignite projects.
Igor Seliverstov
Staff Software Engineer
Igor is an expert in distributed transactions and query optimization. Before Querify Labs, Igor worked on distributed multi-version concurrency control engines (MVCC) for Yandex Database and Apache Ignite projects.
Pavel Gubin
Staff Software Engineer
Pavel has experience in building complex data management systems. Before joining Querify Labs, he was responsible for end-to-end big data solutions in the telecom sector and designed different query engines for relational and dimensional data models.